Grow it Kinky Healthy Hair Bundle

Everything you need to get healthy hair in 30 days and the knowledge to reach your hair goals.

The Grow it Kinky Healthy Hair Bundle includes:
The Grow it Kinky eBook - download instantly to your phone, tablet or computer!
The Grow it Kinky Audiobook so now you can listen at work, while you are at the gym or when you are just relaxing). Press the play button above for a snippet!

Plus when you order today get 2 bonuses free:

7 Things You Didn't Suspect That Are Stunting Your Hair Growth

4 Easy Recipes That Grew My Hair Past My Bra Strap

Get 3 of my best selling eBooks available for download instantly for the special price of $25 and get the Grow it Kinky Audiobook for easy listening on the go!

You started your natural hair journey expecting to see tons of healthy hair growth now that you have ditched the chemicals, but...surprise you've got breakage!

Reduce your breakage and maximize your growth by learning everything there is to know about kinky hair care.

You'll learn how to:

  • Keep your hair moisturized by using the LOC method and styles that preserve moisture. (longer lasting moisture)
  • Become a more informed consumer and know how to shop for hair products that work. (avoid time wasted)
  • Tips and recipes for making your own DIY hair products. (save money!)
  • Stop the cycle of breakage and start growing. (make progress)
  • Create a regimen that will suit your lifestyle and hair goals. (success!)


Sharon Green

Had locs for 9 years, was ready for a change and searched the internet on how to take care of my hair without cutting it off. Came across this book, was curious so I purchased. This is one of one my better purchases regarding natural hair. Easy read, great tips, priced reasonable and good advice for managing your "kinky" hair. Glad I learned about this before I did something I might regret later. Good job Ariane!!!

Janey Perry

This book is absolutely wonderful. It is loaded with any and everything one needs to know about growing hair, keeping the hair you have, and hair tips in general. It's an easy read and so well written. I refer to it often for any information I may need to grow my hair the way I want it. It's a wonderful product at a great price.

Melissa Hartley

I have been growing natural for about 2 years. I am military and travel a lot so it is hard to keep and find a beautician. But after reading this book and understanding a few more things, I have notice some hair growth. This also helped me because I am not a hair person in that I know much about it. I want to look great but never really did my own hair, my mom, cousins, aunts and even uncles did my hair. This book is a great starter for anyone going natural.

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